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What is Plan V?

Plan V is changing the conversation around birth control, which has always been focused on the woman, or someone capable of bearing children. For people who are 100% certain they want

no more children (if any at all), vasectomies are a great choice.

Unlike most female birth control, Vs have no hormonal side effects. They are more effective and cheaper long-term than any female form. There is no need for daily or monthly reminders, and it is less invasive than some long-term female methods.


BUT, there is a big barrier for many without health insurance and unfortunately, there are MANY without health insurance. The out-of-pocket cost for a vasectomy is north of $1k.

Plan V, right now, is for Tennessee.

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We improve contraceptive-equity by providing vasectomy access and awareness for free.


We envision more people, regardless of life circumstances, having an opportunity to take control over their reproductive healthcare and family planning.

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