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Plan V provides access to vasectomies for free.  You chose a provider near you, and we cover the bill.

We hope to start accepting clients Fall 2024.

Can I get a vasectomy?

Most people with sperm can safely get a vasectomy, after they consult with their medical provider. Very few patients experience complications. Consult your doctor to discuss any possible risks.

Vasectomies are not recommended if you may want to have a child biologically in the future.

What does Plan V cover?

We cover the consultation with the urologist, in-clinic vasectomy procedure, the anesthesia, the pathology (this makes sure the procedure did what it was supposed to do!), and the follow-up sperm test.

What does Plan V not cover?

Any urology needs outside of a vasectomy, sperm freezing and storage, vasectomy reversals and in-hospital vasectomies.

How do I get a V for free?

Through Plan V, you complete this required enrollment form.

You must arrive to all scheduled appointments for the vasectomy, and follow all instructions on pre and post vasectomy care.

Providers will be located in or near Nashville, TN.

Do I need insurance?

No insurance is required, and it is why Plan V is here. The out-of-pocket cost for people without health insurance is over $1,000 for a vasectomy and all related healthcare.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Choose from one of Plan V's network of vasectomy providers below.

Call their office directly to schedule your first consultation.

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